Dear DinamoUser,

This portal is operational since october 3rd. Because of this, we are currently in the process of moving our content from the old location to our new home. The old DinamoUsers at Yahoogroups therefore will remain 'live' for some time, however it is our goal that new topics and discussions originate here as much as possible.

Urgent request

If you already have an account at the DinamoUsers Yahoogroup and if you contributed to content (files, photo's, or other data), please transfer this content to this portal!

We ask you to to this yourselve for 3 reasons:

  • It is less work for us
  • You are the one who knows best if your data is still up-to-date and required
  • You remain the owner of your data and can change or remove it when you wish to do so

Please do the following

  • Check on yahoogroups which info from you is located there
  • Decide if it is still relevant
  • If so, please copy the files from yahoogroups, or if you still have the originals on your PC you use that of course. Find a logic place on our www.dinamousers.net and copy the files to that location.
  • If you cannot find a suitable location, please e-mail leon at vanperlo.net
  • Of course you can deliver your content also on the form of Wiki-content in stead of plain files!

Should you run into problems, do you have questions or suggestions, use the forum!

Page last modified on Monday 26 October, 2009 21:39:12 CET
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