RM-x┬áRelease┬áNotes 1.30

  • Support of "Jumbo Packets" (up to 39 bytes payload) a.o. to enable OC32 Message Tunneling.
  • OC32 Message Tunneling, by which OC32 modules can be configured "through" the RM-x while Dinamo remains active.
  • Registration and active monitoring of OC32 modules, comparable to TM-H, TM44, UCCI-s and PM32. Beware The RM-x does not support OC32 eXtended Addressing (yet), so for the moment ximum of 16 OC32 modules per system.
  • If an OM32 command is received from the PC, intended for a registered OC32 module, this message is passed as OC32 message. If an OM32 command is received for a non-registered module, the message is forwarded as OM32 message. OM32 and OC32 addresses are overlapping.
  • OC32 feedbacks from registered OC32 modules are forwarded to the PC as "Embedded Subsystem Response"
  • Support of PM32 Version Identification (requires PM32 1.10 or higher)

Remark: If you have OC32's in your system, the orange LEDs n these modules will now be lit or flash continuously. The reason is that RM-x 1.3 coninuously monitors the OC32's. As is the case with TM44, TM-H, UCCI-s, now also for the OC32 in a Dinamo system counts: red/orange = OK.
If you want visual control when there is actual communication with the OC32, you can change the function of the green LED of the OC32 in "OC32 Message Received". This also relieves you from the "irritating" green flashing.

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