Dinamo/MCC is a control system for model cars. You can use Dinamo/MCC as a standalone solution or combine it with Dinamo train control. The Dinamo solution is also suitable for very large model railroads. Extensive information about the system can be found on the website of VPEB trough the link below.de link. Dinamo/MCC This DinamoUsers portal offers additional information about and support for the use of Dinamo/MCC:

MCC examples

Massey Ferguson 8280 - VPEB

FCS battery charger

The cars are powered by batteries. When they are empty they need recharging. Faller provides a battery charger with their startsets. This is nice to start with, but is not a very good solution. Here you find possible alternatives.

LEDs and resistors

With a LED comes a resistor, but what was the trick calculate its value ? Here we give it a try explaining this. And what is specific about it for the MCCdecoder. here we try to explain it.

MCC output booster

Sometimes you want an output of an MCCdecoder to control more than the ca. 20mA that the output itself can deliver. Here you will find an explanation about how to build a power-booster by yourself.

MCC workshop

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