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This page summarizes the links to User Pages: Pages written by users of this forum.
You can, if you are authorized to do so, add your own User Page by clicking in the left menu on "Settings" under "MyTiki". Somewhere at the bottom you'll find a link to create your own page, which you can then fill with useful info.
If you've done that, you add your page as link to this page so that other readers can find you easily.
Please note that these pages are visible to all registered users. The pages are not visible to anonymous visitors of Dinamo Users unless the anonymous visitor knows the "internal wiki link" to the page. However, this will not easily be the case.

Hans Nouwens
Aat Don Pics User meeting 2007/2008
Aat Don Page 2
Frans Staal
Andre van Kolck - Baroniespoor
Joost de Vlieger
Hans Bogaards

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