For those who want to give programming in VB6 a try. This is a starting clue (Dutch) to use a COM port :

I have created some config files for DCC decoders which can be used by the ProLok program : Download ESU_LP2.0_ProLok.TXT (15.90 Kb) for ESU LokPilot v2 decoder Download ESU_LP3.0_ProLok.TXT (14.71 Kb) for ESU LokPilot v3 decoder Download TRAN_GE70.TXT (3.23 Kb) for TRAN GE70 steam sound decoder These files can also be found in the File Galleries (/Software/Prolok Decoder Files) Like to have a look at a Trix Express BR01 equipped with an ESU LP v3 and a TRAN GE70 ? BR01.gif (8.03 Kb) Click >> Sound Demo.wmv (4.43 Mb) to download a movie. Turn UP the Volume !

Hi, I have placed a video on YouTube about using a SmartPhone to control Koploper. Not really Dinamo related, but maybe informative. A small summer project, have a look : Koploper bestuurd met Smartphone d.m.v. Bluetooth (in Dutch).

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