So far, reed contacts are used to report the positions of cars. If reed contacts are used in combination with magnetic strip for guiding cars, the reed contacts can be placed under the magnetic strip. However, it is important that the reed contacts are adjusted correctly to ensure sensitive and reliable operation. The SWdec is available for connecting reed contacts to UCCI


VPEB now introduces SHdec. With the SHdec it is possible to use Hall sensors for detection. A Hall sensor is an electronic part that is able to detect a magnetic field and to indicate the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field by means of an electrical voltage or- current. The SHdec is a module developed by VPEB to which up to 8 Hall sensors can be connected. Any combination of SHdec and SWdec modules can be connected to a UCCI, up to a maximum of 16 in total. The advantages of Hall sensors in combination with the SHdec are:

  • The sensitivity is considerably greater than when using reed contacts and the SWdec. In practice, this means that even the smallest, common steering magnets still provide reliable detection, even when driving with a “floating tug”
  • Hall sensors are sturdier than reed contacts and do not break. Installation is therefore easier.
  • The SHdec provides “auto-leveling”. This means that the permanent magnetic field,  present as a result of the magnetic strip and other sources, is automatically eliminated. Hall sensors can therefore easily be placed directly under the magnetic strip. No adjustment is necessary. Auto-leveling takes place continuously, so even if, for example, the magnetic field from the magnetic strip decreases over time, operation is guaranteed.

Disadvantages of Hall sensors in combination with the SHdec are:

  • Hall sensors need power. This means that the SHdec must be supplied with supply voltage. This is obtained from UCCI and is carried along with the cable to which the SHdecs are connected to UCCI.
  • The solution with Hall sensors and the SHdec is more expensive than using reed contacts with the SWdec.
  • Hall sensors are connected with 3 wires to the SHdec instead of 2 for reed contacts and the SWdec. The connection of Hall sensors is polarity sensitive.


The SHdec is supplied as a ready-to-use module including mounting frame and mounting material. The reason that a mounting frame is always included is that the back of the module contains electronic components that could otherwise be damaged. The SHdec is expected to be available from May 20, 2020


The recommended end-user price of the SHdec including mounting frame, excluding Hall sensors, is € 32.50.