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Let op: om het gebruik van dit portal in goede banen te leiden en voor iedereen leuk te houden zijn er voorwaarden opgesteld. Door gebruik te maken van dinamousers.net, als gast, geregistreerde gebruiker of klant verklaar je je accoord met deze voorwaarden

Access to this portal

DinamoUsers is accessable for users and generally interested people. What you can and may do on this portal depends on your account status.

  • Unregistered quests can read the general information and read the various forums.
  • For accessing other information and partitipate in the forum it is nessecary to register. This is easy: at the top on your right hand side is a link called "register". Follow the instruction. Registration is free.
  • If you are registered on Dinamo Users and have purchased one or more products VPEB you can upgrade to a "full access" account. The method how to reach this status can be read ==here==
  • READ THIS CAREFULLY!!  Due to spamming and other unwanted access requests we had to install an extra access measurement. To get an access code you must request it manually from the webmaster.  Send an email to webmaster adress "webmaster at dinamousers punt net". Replace the "at" and "punt" by the correct characters. Do not use the link to request a passcode using the form, we will not reply to this request. Please proove that you are a human by addings a single sentence explaining your request. If you are already a VPEB, DinaSys of MCC-Modelcarparts customer please add this to your request. Provided we can find your real name in our customer databases we will give you  the full access. Of course adding your full name helps when your email address is somewhat non-descriptive.


Please read the manual to get an idea about the offered functionality and the way we want you to use it.

Have fun!

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