RM-U Release Notes

The latest RM-U firmware can be found HERE.
The Bootloader to get the firmware into your RM-C is found HERE
Attention: You need "customer status" to access these file galleries.

A description of the changes can be found via the links below.
Beware: The Release Notes are not cumulative. If e.g. you go from 1.0.0 to 1.0.2, it may be wise to read the intermediate release notes as well.
Beware: To update the firmware in your RM-U by the Bootloader you need a Bootloader version of the RM-U CPU. This can be recognized by the label "RM-U BL1.0" on the CPU. If you own an RM-U, but no CPU with Bootloader, contact your VPEB sales partner to obtain an upgrade.

Experimental versions

Release 1.30
Release 1.21
Release 1.11

Actual documented version

Release 1.10

Obsolete versions

Release 1.03
Release 1.02

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